Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk’s Relationship Timeline: From Romance to New Beginnings

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s Relationship Timeline: From Romance to New Beginning

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Bradley Cooper has always been known for keeping his relationship with model Irina Shayk under wraps. In 2019, People confirmed their official breakup, but their connection remains due to their shared child, especially during lockdown. Rumors sparked in the summer of 2022 about a potential reunion and even an expansion of their family.

Here’s a breakdown of their private four-year journey, potential reconciliation, and their status in 2023 amidst Shayk’s new romance with Tom Brady.

April 2015: Early Encounters
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were first spotted together at a Broadway show. Their attendance at the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg White House Correspondents’ Dinner party followed, where their interactions were described as subtle.

Both had recently come out of long-term relationships – Shayk with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Cooper with actress Suki Waterhouse.


December 2016: Engagement Speculation
A ring on Shayk’s hand fueled engagement rumors, yet the couple stayed quiet about any changes in their relationship.

March 2017: Welcoming Parenthood
Cooper and Shayk became parents to their daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper.

July 2017: Vacationing with Celebrities
The couple enjoyed a Tahiti vacation with notable friends like Allison Williams and Anderson Cooper.

October 2017: Family Outing
Cooper and Shayk ventured to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles with their daughter, demonstrating their family-focused bond.

January 2018: Beach Getaway
Another family outing took them to Sunset Beach, showcasing their growing closeness.

August 2022: A Reconnection?
Photos from a family vacation hinted at Cooper and Shayk spending quality time together.


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August 2023: New Adventures
Cooper and Shayk’s family vacation in Italy made headlines. Shayk’s topless photos of them garnered attention, while Cooper remained close by her side throughout the trip.


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Amidst this, Shayk’s newfound romance with Tom Brady has also been making waves, with sources indicating her happiness and excitement about the relationship.

In this journey of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship, their bond remains a subject of intrigue and speculation, capturing the attention of fans and the media alike.

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