Florence Pugh Pink dress Valentino Dress: Critics ‘Scared’ of ‘Freedom,’ She Says

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Florence Pugh’s Pink dress Valentino Dress: Critics ‘Scared’ of ‘Freedom,’ She Say.

Florence Pugh is speaking out about the backlash she faced over her memorable pink dress last summer, emphasizing that the criticism had less to do with her outfit and more to do with societal perceptions of the human body.

florence-pughs-pink-dress PHOTO: GETTY

In a recent interview Today with Elle U.K. for its Style Awards, the actress shared her response to the negativity she received after attending the Valentino couture show in July 2022 and why she remains unfazed by it today.

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“When everything happened with the Valentino pink dress a year ago, my nipples were visible through the fabric, and it stirred quite a reaction,” Pugh told the publication. “It’s the freedom that people find unsettling, the fact that I’m comfortable and content.”

florence-pughs-pink-dress PHOTO: GETTY

She went on to highlight that the intense backlash she faced underscored society’s ongoing fear of the natural human body.

“For a long time, keeping women in check through comments about their bodies has been effective. I think we’re now in a period where many people are saying, ‘I don’t care,'” she explained. “Regrettably, we’ve become so afraid of the human body that we can’t even view my two little adorable nipples through fabric without sexualizing them. We must continually remind everyone that women’s bodies have more than one purpose.”

In the interview, Pugh also emphasized the significance of embracing all aspects of her body, not just her nipples, and how her confidence on red carpets has grown thanks to her clothing choices.


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I discuss my body openly because I’m not trying to hide things like cellulite on my thigh or the softness between my arm and my chest; I prefer to be honest,” Florence explained. She went on to say, “When I first started attending red carpet events, it was quite challenging.” It takes time to feel at ease with 50 men all yelling, ‘Picture, over here!'”

Pugh continued, “In the past few years, I’ve gained more confidence. I believe it’s closely connected to the clothing I’ve been wearing. The more you can enjoy it, the more [people] can see that you’re enjoying it.”

In her interview, Florence Pugh addressed the backlash she faced over her pink dress last summer, emphasizing that it reflected societal discomfort with the natural human body. She advocated for body positivity and discussed her growing confidence on the red carpet, attributing it to her clothing choices.

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