Lucy Letby ‘I’m a bad person,’ writes British nurse convicted of killing seven babies she cared for

Lucy letby

Lucy Letby ‘I’m a bad person,’ writes British nurse convicted of killing seven babies she cared for

A distressing incident has unfolded where a British nurse has been found guilty of causing the tragic deaths of seven infants and attempting harm to six others within the hospital where she was employed. This shocking case marks a somber chapter in the nation’s history, as it stands out as one of the most devastating instances of child-related tragedy in recent memory.

Lucy Letby, 33, harmed the babies in her care by injecting air into their blood and stomachs, giving them extra milk, attacking them with lethal insulin, the Crown Court heard. Manchester, in the north of England. On one occasion, Letby killed a little boy, named Child E, by asphyxiating his blood, British media outlet PA Media reported. The next day, he tried to kill his twin, Child F, by injecting him with insulin. The court order protects the identities of children involved in the allegations against Letby, including those who died and were alive in his care.

Police found a large cache of handwritten notes while searching Letby’s home during their search, including one that read, “I’m bad, I did this.”

Operating in secrecy, he carried out clandestine attacks on a total of 13 children who were under his care in the neonatology unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital during the span of 2015 to 2016.

This unsettling revelation was detailed by Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in an official statement. Shockingly, it has been alleged that his motive was to end the lives of these infants, all while orchestrating a faΓ§ade that led his colleagues to believe the deaths were the result of natural causes, as argued by prosecutors.

Nurse’s Confession Revealed in Handwritten Notes

In 2018 and 2019, Lucy Letby faced two arrests by the police as part of their ongoing investigation, according to reports by PA. A subsequent arrest occurred in November 2020.

During searches of her residence, authorities discovered handwritten notes authored by Letby herself. In one chilling memo, she wrote, “I don’t deserve to live.

During court proceedings, the mother of Child E and Child F recounted how she had “completely” placed her trust in Letby’s advice. However, she began to sense that something was amiss when her baby, Child E, began screaming in the intensive care unit one night.

It later came to light that prior to Child E’s tragic demise, Letby had inflicted harm upon him, causing him to bleed. The mother described the sound that emanated from her baby that night as “horrendous,” more of a scream than a cry. Shockingly, no post-mortem examination followed Child E’s death, leaving the mother to believe it was due to natural causes.

In an even more disturbing turn of events, Letby attempted to poison her twin son, Child F, with insulin. Miraculously, Child F survived this harrowing encounter.

Summary Lucy Letby’s written confessions unveiled a disturbing truth. Arrested in connection with the investigation in 2018, 2019, and 2020, Letby’s notes included admissions of intentional harm and guilt. The mother of Child E and Child F expressed trust in Letby’s care, but unsettling signs emerged when her baby began screaming in the ICU. Letby’s actions cast a chilling shadow over Child E’s death, while Child F narrowly escaped an insulin poisoning attempt.


Q: Who is lucy letby ?

A:Lucy Letby is a former British nurse who gained attention due to her involvement in a highly publicized case. She was arrested and charged in connection with the deaths and attempted harm of several infants at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit. Letby faced allegations of intentionally causing harm to newborns under her care, which led to tragic consequences for some of the infants.

Letby’s case drew significant media coverage and raised questions about the responsibilities and ethical considerations of medical professionals, particularly those caring for vulnerable patients. The details of her case, including her arrest, subsequent legal proceedings, and the impact on the families of the infants involved, were closely followed by the public.

It’s important to note that legal proceedings and investigations are complex matters, and any individual’s involvement in a case should be treated with sensitivity and respect for due process.

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